Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Monad State Transformer

This is an attempt to write a State Monad Transformer.
I haven't been able to make it generic and according to
Brian McNamara "this will never be possible in any .NET language"


type StateT<'a, 'b, 'state> = StateT of ('state -> Parser<'a * 'state, 'b>)

type StateTBuilder (p:ParserMonad) =
    // a -> m a
    member this.Return a = StateT (fun s -> p.Return(a, s))
    //  m a -> (a -> m b) -> m b
    member this.Bind (m, f) =  StateT (fun s -> p {  let! (v, s') = let (StateT f) = m in f s
                                                     let (StateT f') = f v
                                                     return! f' s' })

let statefulParser = StateTBuilder(parser)

let getState = StateT (fun s -> parser.Return(s, s))
let setState s = StateT (fun _ -> parser.Return((), s))

let lift c = StateT (fun s -> parser.Bind (c, (fun x -> parser.Return (x, s))))

let Execute m s = let (StateT f) = m in
                  parser { let! (x,_) = f s
                           return x  }

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